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Made-To-Measure curtains for your home

Due to a special fabric, customized blackout curtains Dubai provide effective darkening and prevent the room from heating.

This type of drapes’ cloth has a high density thanks to a special weaving of threads — it is excellent for the production of blackout portieres and allows you to create an elegant drapery when making free-hanging fabric. Such material is 100% protective, it does not let the sunlight into the room and provides noticeable sound insulation, while not preventing fresh air from transferring.

Sun shades are relevant for all types of rooms. Most often they are used in bedrooms, living rooms and offices. Curtains with blackout can create the most comfortable conditions for both quiet relaxation and productive work, so do not hesitate to get familiar with the assortment of quality blackout curtains presented by Atlantis Curtains in Dubai, UAE.

Curtains role in home decoration

When thinking through the interior design, each individual aims to create a stylish and cosy atmosphere at home. And it is the curtains that are capable of completing the entire interior. In addition to their decorative function, they can also solve many other tasks:

  • protect from direct sunlight;
  • close the view of a room from outside when the light is on;
  • reduce the ingress of drafts;
  • create a warm ambiance.
living room with brown curtains

With the help of competent cloth design, you can make the window visually wider (hang to the very edges of the cornice), higher (place it under the very ceiling), smaller (using additional decoration).

When selecting home material, consider your individual preferences, but remember the curtains must correspond to the general view of premises. The drapes are aimed at giving zest to the room, creating its unique interior design.

White blackout curtains

If you did not manage to find the required color of blackout fabric, then you can always choose make to measure two-layer sun block curtains: the front side is made of ordinary fabric, and the lining is made of opaque fabric, which can adjust the intensity of natural lighting of a room. Such curtains block sun and have even greater density, which is achieved due to the three-layer “architecture” of fibers weaving, providing poor light transparency.

If you prefer white color, these blackout curtains can decorate any room, made in any interior style.

Blackout fabric makes it possible to create different types of drapes:

  • Roller shades — universal, suitable for almost all window openings, applied independently and in combination with other textile fabrics.
  • Classic rectangular models.
  • Japanese curtains made of several panels — when the light transparency is regulated by the structure.
  • Roman blinds with a controlled mechanism — suitable for classic and modern styles.
  • Pleated curtains — the most suitable option for arched openings and non-standard windows.

Blackout room darkening curtain Dubai

Thermal blackout room darkening curtain

Curtains with blackout have many benefits, among which are noise protection and thermal insulation to maintain silence and optimal climate in a room, that is why such drapes are perfect for hot seasons.

The main advantage of this type of shades is full protection from bright light and also from heat. By closing the windows with blackout curtains, you will fill the room with pleasant coolness.

Check out our website — we have nice blackout curtains Dubai for sale that can fit any room! In our catalogue you will definitely find the one that meets your requirements.

If you are willing to buy the best curtains in Dubai, please contact us and we will help you find the most suitable option!

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