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Roman shades were widely used and gained popularity in ancient Rome, from where they derived their name. Since there was no glass at that time, canvas was used to protect the dwelling from the sunlight, wind and dust. It was a piece of damp cloth that was hung in front of the window openings.

Modern Roman blinds are a curtain rod and a fabric that is attached to it. The rectangular cloth evenly closes the window when unfolded, but when you raise it using a special cord or chain, it creates nice flexuous horizontal folds thanks to horizontal bars sewn at equal distances. To maintain its shape, a weighting element is sewn into the lower part of fabric. Normally, you can adjust the level of Roman blinds downwards and upwards. This type of curtains looks very neat and is suitable for all interior styles, whether classic or modern.

You are welcome to take a closer look at the collection of customized roman blinds designed by Atlantis Curtains.

If you want to improve your house look, choose our roman blinds

The variety of fabrics for Roman blinds allows you to match them to any interior and suit the most demanding customers’ tastes.

Roman blinds made by Atlantis Curtains are produced of fabrics of various densities — from relatively loose ones that transmit light to blackout fabrics which do not transmit light at all. It is possible to order and buy Roman blinds that will cover the full window’s width or its every casement separately.

For your information, Roman blinds are mounted not only inside the room, but also outside on the windows, which looks impressive on the facades. Such drapes protect the windows from the bright sunlight and also cover them from dust and dirt. In addition, external Roman blinds protect the premises more effectively from the summer heat.

If we consider standard solutions, the curtain rod for Roman blinds can be attached to the ceiling, to the wall above the window or directly in the window opening to the upper slope. You are free to choose the blinds in the color of the walls or in a contrasting shade, with or without a pattern. Please, contact our managers for professional advice.

Why choose roman blinds?

Roman blinds will undoubtedly embellish any interior. If you prefer a distinguished design, we suggest you to choose this type of curtains for window decoration. Such drapes are a combination of style and functionality.

There are several types of Roman blinds:

  • classic — when unfolded, they are a flat cloth, and when assembled, they form equable puggers;
  • cascade — keep folds even in a straightened position, which adds originality to the interior;
  • European — are gathered by the edges, and look lightsome and airy.

In a bedroom, in a living room, in a kitchen or even in a bathroom, Roman blinds will look decent, appropriate and stylish. Also, they are easy to install, to use and to clean. Do not hesitate to order Roman blinds at Atlantis Curtains, and see for yourself how they will amaze you with their simplicity and originality, complementing the interior of your home, providing even more comfort and coziness.

If you are willing to buy the best curtains in Dubai, please contact us and we will help you find the most suitable option!

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